How to Protect from Hard Water

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We deal with hard water and soap scum on a daily bases on glass enclosures. What we have been doing is removing the hard water stains or marks by using a vinegar and water solution and Bon Ami if necessary. Even the older non coated glass enclosures we treat  with this durable protection barrier. This helps take the hassle out of cleaning. The product that we use is  Invisible Shield by Unelko.  The primary focus is: Preservation, Enhancement and ” Preventive Cleaning .”  This product is a trusted, non toxic and biodegradable, no harsh chemicals, alkalis, ammonia, phosphates, VOC solvents, propellants, terpenes, and chlorine bleach.   Treating the glass enclosures with these products, prevents soap built up and mineral build up on the glass. Also, no more squeegee……

In our post construction jobs, mostly all the glass enclosures  that are installed the glass is treated and they recommend using Invisible Shield.  Unelko guarantees their products. If you live in an area that has hard water stains it is recommended if purchasing a new glass enclosure to spend the extra money to get the glass coated and to prolong the life of the glass treat it with Invisible Shield.


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