Cleaning Services

Cobweb removal
Clean mirrors and glass surfaces
Wipe window sills
Remove all garbage
Reline waste baskets
Wash floors

Bath Room Cleaning Services:

Clean/sanitize sinks, tubs, showers, toilets
Clean/sanitize sinks
Clean/sanitize tubs, shower, toilet
Clean mirrors
Dust light fixtures and bulbs
Wash Floors

Kitchen Cleaning Services:

Clean all counter tops
Clean inside/outside microwave
Wipe down cabinet facings
Clean all appliances outside
Polish stainless steel appliances
Clean glass doors
Clean/sanitize/polish sinks
Wash floors

Clean all wall hangings
Remove books and clean bookshelves
Wet-wash baseboards and door facings
Clean window sills
Clean light fixtures
Clean outsides of cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms
Clean ceiling fans
Dust vents
Vacuum/sweep under beds and furniture (if accessible)
and more



Clean inside refrigerator/freezer
Clean inside oven
Clean inside cupboards/cabinets
Wash baseboards


Clean inside cabinets
Clean baseboards
Clean tile
Clean light fixtures
You may also add on any other cleaning services you need with advance notice.

Extra charges after your initial cleaning

Wet-wash doors and walls
Wet- wash baseboards
Remove books from bookshelves and clean
Pre-treat grout around tiled areas
Wet-wash cabinets inside

We specialize in all the final preparations before the house inspection and the keys are turned over to the homeowner.

This includes completing all items on the punch list before the final walk-through.

We are fully insured with Worker’s Compensation.


Clean inside/outside all kitchen cupboards
Clean inside/outside of oven
Clean inside/outside microwave
Wash inside/outside of dishwasher
Clean inside/outside refrigerator
Clean all counter tops
Sweep and wash hard surface floors, damp wipe window ledges.


Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors
Scrub and disinfect toilet
Clean and sanitize bath & showers, shower doors, and tiles
Scrub bathroom sinks, wipe all counters
Clean inside all cabinets and drawers
Clean mirrors.


Vacuum and mop (if necessary)
Clean mirrors
Remove cobwebs
Dust and wash window sills and ledges
Vacuum carpet edges
Clean inside cupboards and wardrobes.

Living room

Vacuum and mop (if necessary)
Vacuum carpet edges
Clean mirrors
Clean and polish all surfaces
Remove cobwebs
Dust and wash window sills and window frames


Vacuum and mop (if necessary)
Vacuum carpet edges
Clean mirrors
Remove cobwebs.

Rates for rental property cleaning depend on the size and condition of the rental property.

Need spring cleaning or fall cleaning for your home? This service is tailored to each job, concentrating on areas that need more attention.


Clean light fixtures, chandeliers
Oil woodwork with lemon oil
Clean window sills and ledges
Clean ceiling fans
Clean fireplaces

Moving can be a stressful time. Even though you are excited about moving into your new home, you have so much to do to get ready for the big move. With all the “to do’s” on your list, you don’t need the extra burden of finding time to do all that cleaning. We can get your old location ready for the new occupants or give your new home a thorough cleaning before you move in.

Moving Cleaning Services include:

Wash all floors
Clean baseboards
Thoroughly clean all bathrooms
Clean light fixtures
Clean ceiling fans
Clean all glass surfaces
Clean inside closets
Clean inside oven
Clean inside/out kitchen and bathroom cabinets
Clean all kitchen counters and appliances
And anything else that needs cleaned!

Inside refrigerator/freezer, inside oven and inside windows can be added on as an extra service.
Inside ovens and refrigerator/freezer are an additional $30.00 each.

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