House Hold Dust?

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Where Does Household Dust Come From?
Dust On Furniture
One of the frustrating things about house cleaning is that no matter how hard you try to keep your areas clean, the household dust still accumulates. The dust that settles on your furniture is a grey color, 70 % is mostly flakes of human skin.
Dry skin is a translucent grey color. Each human has a different color of skin, but the pigments which color our skin are found beneath the layer that we shed.
The outer layer of skin called the epidermis, sheds skin cells and replaces them with healthy new cells. The epidermis is completely replaced once a month. It is estimated that the average person sheds about half a kilogram of skin a year. Unfortunately, we don’t replace the lower layer of skin called the dermis where scars and stretch marks occur. Since this layer doesn’t shed, the scars stay with us.
The remaining 30 % is made up of fibers from carpets and upholstered furniture, tracked-in soil and airborne particles blown in from outdoors. It can include lead, arsenic and other potentially harmful substances that migrate indoors from outside air and soil.
Aside from keeping dust out of your home in the first place. Sea Green Natural Cleaning uses microfiber cloths because they attract the dust without omitting it into the air, as well as removing allergens and bacteria.Added benefits is they are eco-friendly reducing the use of cleaning products and other disposables.
To remove dust from the floors Sea Green Natural Cleaning uses a vacuum cleaner that has a sealed HEPA filter. For the carpets we use an agitated power head. For wood, or vinyl flooring we don’t use a agitator because it will scratch the surface. Then we wash the floors.
There are multiple steps that you can take to limit the amount of dust in your home and to create a safe environment.
Improve Air Quality
1. Don’t open your windows. Although many people think opening windows on a nice day for fresh air is good, it can be harmful especially if you have family members with asthma. You are letting in pollen and other harmful particles into your home.
Regularly change heating and cooling filters per manual instructions.
Have heating and cooling ducts professionally cleaned. If you notice a considerable amount of dust even after
you have recently cleaned your house, have your ducts cleaned. This will limit the amount of dust blown into the living space.
Remove Dust collectors
Remove carpeting that attracts dust mites. Install hardwood flooring in high traffic areas as well as bedrooms. If you need to keep the carpeting, have the carpets professionally cleaned.
Get rid of heavy curtains and fabric shades. Curtains can house as much dust as carpets.
Buy furniture that can be cleaned with water and wiped down. Limit the amount of fabrics you have in your
home, especially on the couch. Remove blankets, pillows and ottomans. Suggestions on fabric would be leather, or microfiber.
Clean Your House
Vacuum and wash hard wood flooring .
Vacuum fabrics in your house routinely to avoid dust buildup on couches, drapes, curtains and rugs. Having a high quality vacuum with a HEPA filter is essential, inexpensive vacuums blow dust back into the living space, making it a no win situation.
Wipe tables, chairs, desks and dressers with a microfiber cloth. Dust all surfaces.
Vacuum and clean your bedroom at least once a week to reduce the amount of allergens you inhale while you sleep. Your bedroom can be one of the most important places to limit dust and allergens. If you have a rug in your bedroom, vacuum at least once a week.
Establish a routine of daily, weekly and monthly cleaning habits to limit the amount of dust in your home.
Routine cleaning is important to minimize daily dust. Don’t wait to do all of the cleaning in one day. Clean a little each day.

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