4 Scratch Prevention Products

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We see a lot of scratches on wood floors. Especially houses that are rentals, houses that are on the beach or near the beach. It just takes a little bit of sand too get under a chair leg to scratch up a floor. Sometimes, just the chair leg, itself causes scratching. We suggested to the owners to put leg protectors on, some do others forget and the scratches continue.

Ways to prevent floor scratches. Take your shoes off near the door. Keep pet toe nails clipped. Vacuum and sweep often.

The purpose of furniture protectors is to prevent ruining the hardwood floors.

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Suggested products to use on chair and table legs including couch legs.

  1. Scotch Felt Pads These are very popular, the adhesive seems to last.
  2. Furniture Socks. These are like socks you put on your feet. Very soft. Designed by a stay at home mom in 2007.
  3. Slip on Protectors. These come in silicone and rubber material.
  4. Nail on Protectors. These came is various sizes and are more permanent.


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