Thresholds ( Transition Stripes )

What is a Threshold?

A threshold is a transition edge between two different types of flooring.  Commonly called a Transition Stripe. These are usually installed in doorways, where there is two different types of surfaces such as the transition from carpet to tile or carpet to wood flooring. A transition stripe covers the expansion gap for each material. The houses that we clean, we have seem various kinds of materials used for a transition stripe. Materials such as marble, wood and metal.

These stripes can be damaged by a vacuum. We have seem them marked up from the wheels of a vacuum. The metal stripes, can loosen up. The metal stripes are usually nailed down. The other type of stripes are installed using adhesive.

These stripes can be damaged by a vacuum cleaners wheels if they are dragged over the thresholds.

Our vacuums have soft rubber wheels, however we still don’t allow the vacuum wheels to roll over them. Check the condition of these to see if they need to be cleaned or if they have any marks on them. The blacks marks are easily removed with just a mild cleaner and a cloth.

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