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Seems like the weekends come faster once we make it past the holidays. Great time to do some Spring/Summer cleaning. So during the week I made a punch list of things I would like to clean and disinfect. I put on some comfy clothes.  I put on some great music and now I’m ready to make this place sparkle.. Oh, no I don’t have anymore vinegar, bummer. I refuse to get dressed to head to the store to buy more.

It dawned on me that when my family visited we had some left over alcohol. I’m genius for thinking about that, I’m going to use up this cheap Vodka for cleaning.

Multi-purpose cleaner

1/2 cup Vodka

1 Cup of Water

10 drops of Essential Oil

Unlike Vinegar you can use this Multi-purpose cleaner on Granite and Marble surfaces. Vodka is a great degreaser. It is a disinfectant, removes soap scum in the shower. It can be used to get odors out of smelly shoes, (such as my water booties.)

Geez, the spray bottle is empty. I made up another solution of:

1/2 cup of Vodka

1 1/2 cups of Water

30 drops of Essential Oil

I used this mixture to disinfect my mattress, linens and more.

In one day I was able to disinfect my mattress, linens, clean the bathrooms including the mirrors the kitchen cabinets, back splash oven and so much more. After all that cleaning I noticed my eye glasses had smudges on them so I used the mixture on my glasses with a soft cloth.

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