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Recycling Hair and Fur used for Oil Spills

One of the most devastating oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico was the Deep Water Horizon, which happened in 2010.It  was the largest marine oil spill in history. Over 10 years later, oil is still being detachable.

A San Francisco- based nonprofit organization  called Matter of Trust  makes booms and hair mats using hair, fur and fleece.These hairy contraptions are  very effective in  soaking up oil. This organization has been doing this since 1998.

In fact 6.7 million feet of sorbent boom was deployed for the BP oil spill.

Sign up is necessary to be apart of this program. I must say, sending along fur/hair to Matter of Trust can make a big difference. This program would great for pet owners with furry pets, groomers and salons. Consider organizing a community collection and ship in bulk. Believe it or not over 400,000 pounds of hair was used for the Gulf Coast spill.

Who knew?

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