Pillow Case Flaps In or Out?

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This has always been a debate, similar to the debate about toilet paper over or under. By the way, that is a bug I killed that came out of a pillow case flap. I was starting a new client and she wanted me to check on how the bed was made for her cleaners that we were replacing. When I grabbed the pillow, the bug came running out. Pillow flaps were facing out.

Interesting information out there on the flap debate.

In the military, one of the first things they are taught is how to make a bed. They have a saying, ” Seam and Slack to the Center of the Rack” meaning open in to the left, which means the outside of the bed.

In nursing school, up and coming nurses are taught that the pillow flap is to face away from the entrance of the room. The teachings behind this is. when walking into a room, the scuffing of the feet creates particles and germs to float into the air, therefore rinses the possibly of microorganisms and infections to occur, so it is suggested the pillow flap is facing away from the door entrance.

Living in the south, we have a lot of different type of bugs. In our industry we make a lot of beds. If the homeowner has pillow cases with a decorative edge, we will put those edges out. Plain edged pillow cases, we will fold and tuck the flap  inward for a more finished look and then place the pillows facing inwards. We do this so bugs can’t get into them.


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