Dryer Balls vs. Dryer Sheets

Wool Dryer Balls

What’s the difference between using dryer sheets vs wool dryer balls?

Dryer sheets soften clothes by coating them  with a fatty molecule that softens the fabric  creating a softness touching our skin.

Wool dryer balls soften by agitating the fabric.

Dryer sheets often contain chemicals such as :

  • Dipalmethyl hydroxyethylammoinum methosulfate, a softening and antistatic agent.
  • Fatty acid, a softening agent.
  • Polyester substrate, a carrier.
  • Synthetic fragrances

 Wool dryer balls are made from wool and food grade resin they work by bouncing around the clothes. They also help keep the clothes separate and wrinkle free. Dryer balls can help reduce drying time up to 25 %. They are eco-friendly and a healthier alternative reducing chemicals.


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