The Story Behind Our Cartoon

iIlustration by Mark Brewer

I went to High school with Mark  Brewer  in Connecticut and he had already been doing illustrations since he was fifteen. He did illustrations for our popular Shoreline newspaper, and other publications such as our high school newsletter. I loved his sense of humor, I could relate…..

How the idea came about…

I used to get bullied and made fun of when I got grumpy over customers and work related situations. I was told that I was riding my Broom and that it must be turbo charged…. I use to take it personally but over time, it became the BIGGEST joke.

Mark and I talked out some ideas about the illustration, we talked about making the broom a Hemi  engine.  Mark said,  ” not everyone knows what a Hemi engine is? Mark suggested a basic broom. swishing because I’m a swift moving person doing things at Mach speed.  I loved how Mark added the cleaning products.

More about Mark Brewer…

Mark’s expressive drawings have been published internationally in distributed print and digital publications including The Wall Street Journal, Wine & Spirits, Yankee, Major League Baseball, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. Mark’s focused perseverance and wellspring of creativity has parked his drawings on the cover of Newsweek, The American Conservative, Scholastic, Politics magazine, Strategic Finance, and GolfStyles among others.


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