Summer Clothing Stain Removal Part 1

Summer Clothing Stain Removal Part 1

So you’re wearing your favorite shirt to the family picnic and now you have mustard on it!  That’s just great!  How do you get the stain out completely (Naturally) so you don’t have to part without it?

I have been doing my own experimenting with a few summer time stains that  my own family, sometimes gets on there clothes. I have been working on Natural ways to get rid of stains. Below are the results from my experiments.

Blood Stains

Blood stains are permanent once they set. Removing them before the item is washed and dried is essential. Usually blood stains are removed very easily with a sponge or paper towels dipped in cold water.

Hydrogen Peroxide is highly recommended for treating blood. The peroxide may be used full strength and poured directly from the bottle.

Removing Dried or Old Blood Stains

Sometimes you can’t treat blood stains immediately. In such a case, soak the blood stain in cold water for several hours to loosen and dissolve as much of the blood stain as possible. You might even run it through a complete cold wash with a mild detergent or pure soap flakes. Check for remaining stain, then try this:

  • 1 Tablespoon Meat Tenderizer
  • 2 Teaspoons Cold Water
  • Mix to make a paste

Make this a paste and spread it on the stain with your finger tips. Allow it to sit for half hour to an hour. Shake off excess. Wash in cold water.

Removing Blood Stains From Mattresses

Make up the paste from above and daub it on the stained area using a spoon. Allow the paste to air dry, completely. Scrape off and examine the stain. If the stain is still there, apply the paste again, and allow it to air dry completely. You may not be able to completely remove the stain. It would be a great idea to invest in a mattress cover, to prevent such accidents from happening again.

Blueberry Stain Removal

Like any stain, working to get it out of the fabric immediately is key. Blueberry stains are difficult to remove from fabrics and tend to set instantly.

Flush the stain with cool water as soon as possible.  Then try this:

  • Mix 1 tbsp. of white vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp. liquid laundry detergent
  • 1 qt. of cool water

Soak the stain in the solution for 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water. If the stain isn’t gone, dip a sponge in rubbing alcohol, blot and gently rub the stain until it lightens. Rinse the item thoroughly, then launder using a bleach alternative if it’s safe for the fabric.

Another method: Stretch the stained areas over a bowl or a sink, then pour boiling water from a height of several feet above the item, through the stain. You can also use an enzyme stain remover, or mix equal parts vinegar, water, and liquid dishwashing soap in a squeeze bottle, shake, and work into the spots. Let stand a few minutes, then launder.

Chocolate Stain removal from washable fabrics

Follow these steps to remove from fabrics such as Acrylic Fabric, Nylon, Modacrylic, Olefin, Polyester and Spandex.

  • Wipe up as much excess as possible.
  • Flush the stain with club soda
  • Daub the area with a liquid dishwashing soap: (Dawn works best.)
  • Flush with cool water.

Other methods that I think works best.

Use a milk protein such as Heavy Cream. Soak the area where the chocolate stain is, and watch the chocolate stain start to disappear.

Mix 1 part dishwashing liquid to 2 parts hydrogen peroxide, for  non-color fabric. Working this mixture in using a toothbrush and letting it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Food Grease Stains

Salad dressing and Olive Oil, and Fries can make a mess on your favorite shirt. If this happens at a restaurant you can use the artificial sweetener or bring the sweetener home with you. The sweetener absorbs the grease. I let it sit on the stain over night.

Other methods that I tried and they worked was: Using baby powder or if you don’t have baby powder you can use flour. It doesn’t matter if its All Purpose Flour or Self Rising. Pour it on the grease, let sit over night, shake off the excess and wash.

Happy Cleaning!!!


  1. JIM says:

    Hmm a post on cleaning how stains.. I am guessing most guys should bookmark this one lol I have used toothpaste on trips and it cleans remarkably well on some stains

  2. says:

    Hydrogen Peroxide for blood stain removal? Good call, Cathy!

    Looks like Dawn dish washing detergent is an ALL ALL purpose cleaner. Let’s see:
    -Fights oil spills.
    -Now we discover Dawn works on removing chocolate stains. Wonder what you’ll tell us Dawn does next time? LoL


  3. Sea Green Natural says:

    Thanks guys for your comments. it is very difficult to be GREEN and to discover alternative methods to get yucky stains out. My kids enjoy expensive clothes and accidents happen, so that is why I searched for other ways to get them out without using the harsh chemicals.

    Come on Jim, you can do this…

  4. Jessica M says:

    I’m going to have to try the tips on removing chocolate stains…with my kids there’s already a couple of shirts that I’ve given up on, perhaps they can still be salvaged!

  5. Sea Green Natural says:

    Good luck Jessica! Remember the key, is to work on it right away! Please let me know how you make out.

  6. Brenda says:

    Cathy – you are amazing, I’d have never thought of the things you share with us.

  7. Just what I needed today, Cathy. Very useful information.

  8. Amazingly simple ways to get rid of stains. Wish I’d known these tricks when my kids were little – lol!

    Thanks for posting these, Cathy.


  9. Nikky44 says:

    That’s a very useful post!! Thank you <3

  10. Dawn says:

    Great info to have on hand! I use the peroxide w/ blood method quite often and it’s amazing how effective it can be. I’m curious – did you ever come up with a solution for mustard stains? You mentioned it in your intro, and it’s one I’d love to have some suggestions on.

    Thanks so much!

    – Dawn

    • cathy says:

      Hi Dawn,

      When I don’t have success with the peroxide I use the meat tenderizer. This week I will give solutions to stains such mustard.

      – Cathy

  11. Great tips Cathy! I have bookmarked this post ☺ Thanks for sharing!

    • cathy says:

      Dear Mary,

      Glad you are finding these tips helpful. This week I will post more summer time stains and tips for removing them.

      – Cathy

  12. Andy says:

    My dear Cathy,

    I have to admit that I learned a few things from your post. I have to wear white shirts at work and sometimes I do get a stain or two. I will take your advice. Thank for sharing my friend. Good Job!!

    • cathy says:

      Dear Andy,

      I think you and the rest of male community has to wear white shirts to work. White and I don’t get along. LOL! Glad you found these helpful.

      – Cathy

  13. jan says:

    Since I am starting with a whole new brood I am glad of these tips of yours…Thanks

  14. Bookmarked! Thank you so much for this post, Cathy! Very useful!

    • cathy says:

      Dear Irene,

      Wow! Bookmarked! Your welcome for the tips. I have children and I have pretty much experienced all of these stains, so I just wanted to pass along what has worked for me.


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