Can Dust Mites Survive in the Washing Machine?

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We do a lot of washing of rags for our company, Sea Green Natural Cleaning. Today’s blog made me think about the removal of dust mites.

I always thought that regular washing, of bed linens and clothes removed dust mites. Much to my surprise

washing  clothes and bed linens in laundry detergent only kills 60 -80 % of the live dust mites. Studies have shown that  washing clothes and bed linens in Hot water kills a 100% percentage of dust mites, compared to using warm to cold water only kills 6.5 % of dust mites. Regular vacuum cleaning  of curtains and encapsulating the bed mattress and pillows help.

Renae the appliance repair tech suggests that regular cleaning maintenance on the washing machine helps kill any remaining dust mites. Renae suggests that weekly cleanings with products such as: affresh or we use Active Washing Machine Cleaner.


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