Spring is here, ever thought it doesn’t feel like it here in New England. Spring and summer brings bugs.
Remember: The number one rule to keeping bugs out is keeping the house clean. So don’t keep any dishes in the sink, keep your counters clean and your floors vacuumed.
No need for chemicals, to get rid of the pests if you get some.

Here are some nontoxic ways to get rid of insects.
Ants don’t like lemons, yes there are things that ants DO NOT like.
Mix lemon juice and water, half and half. You can mix this right in a spray bottle. Spray where you see ants and at entrance way or where they are entering your home. Other things found in your cabinet they don’t like are: Pepper, Cinnamon or Cayenne Pepper. Another  they don’t like is the smell of Baby Powder. Just sprinkle baby powder on the ants and the area that they are entering.
Boric Acid: Some people use boric acid mixed with anything sweet to rid of ants. Just mix 2 parts sweets to 1 part boric acid. Boric Acid is also effective on a wide range of insects.
Lots of ants: Cornmeal and Grits are one of those foods they like. Spread a little dry Cornmeal or Grits where you see them. Once the ants feast on it, it will expand inside their mighty bodies once they drink water and then they will be eliminated.
Vinegar: can be used to destroy ant trails. Without trails ants will become confused. You can mix it or use it straight.
Liquid Soap diluted with water is an easy way to wipe out pests.
Bay Leaves Cloves, and Cayenne Pepper long been used for ant control. Try putting one of these at their  entry point, and in drawers, shelves, etc., where the ants are going, to prevent them from coming back.
Peppermint can be sprayed around your home’s perimeter and at any entry points.

Silverfish is a common bug we have here in New England.  Silverfish prefer dark areas such as kitchen cabinets. Silverfish also like papery areas such as old books and newspaper stacks, with high humidity. Get rid of these and you won’t have them.
What silverfish eat?
Silverfish like to feed on the glue behind wallpaper.
Starch: Silverfish like paper and this includes photos. Silverfish also like to munch on sugar and can easily get into your cereal boxes. YUCK!
Silk, synthetic fabrics and cotton clothing: so they may be crawling around your clothes in your closet.
Bathrooms: You might find them in your shower or bath munching on your shampoo or shaving cream, they like cellulose ingredients.
Basically you can find them anywhere there is food.
How do you get rid of them?
One way to find out if you have Silverfish is to mix water and flour together to make a thin paste, and then with the help of this paste paint on both sides of a few index cards. When the index cards get dry, locate them in regions where you think you have them. If there are a few irregular notched edges and scrapping on the index cards, then you have Silverfish.
Fruit flies
Clean up any ripe fruit droppings and take out the trash nightly for a few days – fruit flies lay their eggs in overripe fruit.
Apple cider vinegar is a great natural way to get rid of fruit flies. Pour some into  a glass, and place a paper funnel over the container. Fruit flies love the smell fly into the container, but will not find their way back out the funnel ( for 4 to 5 fruit flies…).
Cheap wine apparently they like to drink it. Use the procedure above to trip them.
Fly paper make your own by boiling water, sugar and corn syrup together. Spread the mixture on stripes you can make out of brown paper bags.
Basil deters them. Mix some basil oil with water and spray your kitchen.

Natural ways to to kill and Repel Mosquitoes
Cedar oil, Rosemary oil, Citronella oil and Eucalyptus oil. These plant derivative oils must be applied more often than those containing DEET.
Best Tips to Repel Mosquitoes Before They Bother You

To prevent mosquitoes from choosing your area of habitat 
Remove all standing water from around your home. Beware of old tires and other discarded containers such as wading pools, cups, buckets and barrels.
Use mosquito nets around bedding.
Repair window and door screens. Choose screens made from a finely-woven mesh.
Mosquitoes are attracted to lights, so don’t turn the bright one’s on too early.
Exercise indoors. Mosquitoes hone in on body temperatures- and it automatically rises when you exercise.
Avoid salty foods and those containing high amounts of potassium.
Don’t wear dark colored clothing when in a mosquito-infested area.
Don’t wear lotions or perfumed products that contain floral fragrances.
Plants That Repel Mosquitos
Planting Mosquito- repelling bushes and  herbs around your house is a natural way to prevent mosquitoes from invading your area and your body.
Some of the most effective plants that can be found at almost any home and garden store or online are:

Citronella Grass – A tropical plant that’s harvested for repellent sprays and citronella candles can be effective if you live in tropical climates. If not, you can purchase products made from citronella oil.
Rosemary-  Since they’re mostly a tropical plant, you can place them in pots around your deck or patio and bring them inside during winter months.
Mosquito Plants- These plants are attractive. There is a  disagreement on whether these plants actually repel mosquitoes, but it’s worth a try.
Marigolds-  These colorful little flowers produce a scent that naturally repels mosquitoes. Plant them between your garden plants as they’ll also protect them from other types of insects.

Make a trap from an old soda bottle to catch wasps. Using a 2-liter soda bottle, cut off the top 1/3 of the way down. Flip the top so that the bottle neck is facing down into the rest of the bottle. Tape or staple the bottle neck to the outside of the bottle piece so that it fits tight. Fill the bottle part with soda or fruit juice. You could even line the top of the bottle with jam to attract them. Wasps will enter the bottle but will not be able to get out. Clear and refill the trap daily.
Remove the nest. If you find a hanging nest, wait until that wasps are less active, ( namely at night ) , carefully approach the nest. Put a cloth or plastic trash bag entirely over the nest and quickly tie it off at the top. Remove the nest from wherever it is hanging, then submerge the bag under water and weigh it down with a rock.

Slug can be huge pest in the garden.
Fill bowls with stale beer and place the bowls in areas in the garden where the slugs are most active. Slugs apparently like stale beer, so they climb in to drink the liquid and drown in the liquid.
Other liquids that work as well is Grape juice or tea made with yeast, honey, and water.


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