Uncommon And Surprising Uses For A Dishwasher

Uncommon And Surprising Uses For A Dishwasher

Spring is in the air, that gets me excited about CLEANING and ORGANIZING. I’m always finding ways to make my job easier, and a Dishwasher is one of them. I don’t just use a Dishwasher for dishes.

Here are some unexpected items you can put into your dishwasher, and some items you shouldn’t put into your dishwasher. Plus, how to cook salmon and potatoes (seriously.)

Baseball caps can hold their shape better in a dishwasher especially if you use a holder called a Ball Cap Washer.  Don’t wash them with dishes, put on top rank.

Small toys and action figures can ride in a basket or mesh lingerie bag on the top rack. Don’t wash them with dishes. ( Don’t wash dolls with hair, they will have bad hair day.)

Hair brushes and combs made of plastic, no wood handles or natural bristles brushes. Remove all hair first to protect the drain.

Shin guards, knee pads, and mouth guards – put them all on the top rank.

Light fixture covers and glass plates – Wouldn’t put antique, enameled, or painted.

Rain boots and Flip flops The liners of the rain boots should be removed and lie horizontally. Hook the flip flops on the tines in the top rack. ( Crocs are not dishwasher – safe. )

Tools and garden tools with metal or plastic handles. No wood handles.( Do not wash these with dishes, they could have been in contact with pesticides, or animals.) Towel – dry afterwards.

Fan grilles, switch plates and vent covers as long as these are plastic, aluminum, or steel. ( enameled, or painted shouldn’t go in.)

Ceramic cabinet knobs can be put in the basket on the top rank.

Potatoes can be put on the top rank to be cleaned with rinse – only cycle, ( no detergent. ) Sounds crazy?  It makes mashed potatoes so much easier.


Why you would: Because it’s an Internet cliche’ that happens to work. ( seriously works ).

Why I wouldn’t : The salmon recipe has been proven that it works and comes out nicely. But I wouldn’t try it because it leaves your dishwasher smelling badly. If you want to try the recipe: 

Bob Blumer’s Dishwasher Salmon Recipe

Possible items you can put in your Dishwasher… But too questionable for me to endorse. I haven’t tried it  yet.

Broom Ends, Dust pans, scrub Brushes and vacuum attachments.

Why you would: It’s the only way to get them cleaned. If you decided to clean these, shake all the loose dust into the trash, says Shannon Lowe, the tulsa-based author of the blog. Stick brushes and attachments in the silverware basket and broom ends and dust pans on top.

Computer keyboards

Why I would:  It’s a last resort to try to save it if coffee or liquid was spilled on it. Some computer techies swear by it.

I wouldn’t.

If you decide to: Place the keyboard facedown on the top rack, don’t use detergent, and skip the drying cycle. Afterwards, unscrew the back, if possible, or pop off the keys ( take a picture beforehand so you remember where they go). Air-dry two to five days. Then resemble.

Happy spring cleaning!


  1. Ingrid says:

    There are some things listed that I would NEVER have thought possible!!!!! Salmon??? Hhmm … My hubby's keyboard is suffering from a coffee spill and the number pad is sticking … maybe I'll give it a whirl when I get the courage up … will post results here!!!!!!!!!!

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