This time of the year we have been seeing a lot of tiny spiders in homes. Most of these homes have exterminator contracts but yet the spiders are still around. I had the opportunity to talk with Kevin Snyder the owner of  Bugs, etc.… I just came from a very large home on the water that is very clean. Every room has long drapes. So naturally I had to seek out a professional opinion on how to get rid of these spiders.

I mentioned to Kevin that most of these homes have exterminator contracts. I said, ” why isn’t the pesticides working?”  Kevin said, ” because spiders have very long legs that keeps their bodies  well above the surface  and any mouth contact is performed with specialized pedipalp that never touch the surface so there’s little chance that they will absorb the pesticides. I said, ” interesting, I never knew that.”

My next question was, how can you get rid of them?  Kevin give me a bunch of solutions to get rid of them. He said, ” simply sweep and vacuum often.  He also said that customers have used vinegar. Equal parts of water and vinegar  has gotten rid of them. Spiders seem to not like vinegar.  Kevin sells a product called Web Out. This product is made with essential oils and vinegar. It is  organic, safe and effective to use on spiders and other bugs.

Thank you Kevin for educating me about spiders. Stop by Bugs, etc if you have any questions about bugs in your home.

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