Sodium Hypochlorite


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This is a common ingredient found in a highly used cleaner. Can you guess which one? It is Clorox, a disinfectant cleaner. This is a highly used product, especially during COVID 19. According to the Fact Sheet, Sodium Hypochlorite will severely irritate the skin and may cause eye damage. It can cause headaches, dizziness and nausea and respiratory issues.

According to the CDC a survey of 502 adults conducted by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention in May 2020.  Thirty-nine percent misused the product and had adverse health issues.

Two years later, the percentage of health related issues have dropped, but why are people still using this product to disinfect, when healthier alternatives can be used? It’s a disinfectant craze, stated in news article.  The article states ” we really don’t need to deep clean surfaces to stay safe from the Coronavirus but many U.S Consumers aren’t taking any chances.”

What is a healthier alternative to disinfect surfaces. Being mindful of the surfaces you are cleaning diluted Vinegar can be used. Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide mixed  with Cream of Tartar,  Lemons. Any healthier alternative that are also, cheaper.

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