Pebbled Shower floor

Image by Catherine Mails

Cleaning a pebbled shower floor can be tricky. We have seen an orange colored build up that can be slippery and also mold and mildew.

Using harsh chemicals or even vinegar can damage the floor. The consistency of the grout around the rocks can break down and start to break away and crack.

What you will need to clean this type of surface.

  • Soft bristled scrub brush
  • Medium bristled tooth brush
  • Medium to coarse grout brush
  • Mild Eco-friendly spray cleaner

How to clean the surface.

  • Wet the floor down with water.
  • Spray surface down with the mild cleaner
  • In a circular motion using the soft bristled scrub brush gently going over the surface
  • Rinsing the whole surface with water to remove the spray cleaner.

The other brushes may have to be used, depending on the condition of the surface.

******* If the floor area is small. We find it best to kneel outside the shower, to scrub it because the floor will be very slippery.

If the shower is too big to kneel outside the shower, clean a section at a time inside the shower.


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