Natural Antibacterial Round Up!!!

Natural Antibacterial Round Up!!!

During the flu season, I go crazy with wipes on every door knob and light switch and  kitchen cabinet knob. Is there something better to use other than the commercial way that dries my hands out so badly that they bleed, during the cold months?

Research has proven that regular washing of your hands with just plain soap and water is just as effective without the harmful chemicals to you or the environment.

Most antibacterial products contain antimicrobial pesticides, of with triclosan is the most common. Triclosan has been found in 57.6 percent of U.S.waterways, making it one of the most prevalent contaminants out there.

Look for vegetable- based, non-petroleum, detergent free, and fragrance-free soaps, such as castile or glycerin. Use warm water for fighting germs. Make sure you lather up for a full fifteen to twenty seconds.

Studies have shown that white vinegar kills

99% of bacteria,  82% mold, and 80% germs.

Tea Tree Oil: is a fungicide and antibacterial

It’s potent, so a little goes a long way. Adding a few drops to soap and water can  strengthen the  antibacterial effects.

Lavender: Calming and mood lifting aromatherapy. Only 100% pure essential oil in dark containers.

Look for 100% pure essential oil and not “fragrant,” “perfume.”

Happy Cleaning!!


  1. says:

    Yeah, one thing I don’t like about the stuff we have at the library is the strong chemical scent and the fact that it completely dries out my skin. If given a choice though, I’d rather have it than not.

  2. Rachel Hoyt says:

    I make my own soap and do notice a HUGE difference in my skin’s moisture because of it. But, I still like to use the wipes around the house. I’m not sure I could handle the smell of vinegar wipes. )

  3. Sea Green Natural says:

    Wow! That’s awesome Rachel. Ya, I know. I might try something with tea tree and rosemary for wipes. Tired of the dry hands and chemicals. Thanks for your wonderful comment. Love it!

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