Junk Mail

Junk Mail

What to do with all that junk mail sent to your home. You can do as I did. I opted out of receiving much of it.Here are some addresses to stop receiving the junk mail.

Opt Out

Fight Identity Theft

Catalog Choice

What about those phone books, it seems that I receive a stack at my mail box every couple of months. I opted out of these too. At this address: Yellow Pages Green Opt Out

Did you know…

320 million of your tax dollars goes toward the disposal of unwanted junk mail?!

Junk mail destroys 62 million trees per year, and fills 3 % of America’s landfill?!

Here’s some uses for junk mail

1. Burn it, instead of wood, you could probably get through a whole winter.

2. Cut out pictures of interest to you and make a vision board. A vision board is: Person,place of things you want to bring into your life.

3. When my children were the ages between 18 months to 3 years old. We would cut a picture out with the rounded scissors and cut smaller shapes and now you have a puzzle. They were proud of that.

4. Shred it for packing material.

5. Shred it for bedding for the little critters, but check with your veterinarian first because of the inks and glossy paper.

6. Bookmarks: 1. Cut corner off used envelop. 2. Squeeze the corner open enough to slip over a page to save your spot.

7. A cool web site that I found that makes jewelry and things is: Junk Mail Gems

8. Make a funnel from a recycled envelop. 1. Cut a tiny hole in the corner of an envelop. 2. Cut the same corner off but larger. 3. open up the corner, and use it for pouring salt/pepper or beads.

9. Stickers and labels. 1. Find a envelop in the junk mail that has not been used/sealed, such as a business reply envelop. 2. Cut the sticky part of the flap off of the envelop. 3. Cut the flaps into small pieces…squares to make envelop seals + stickers, or larger strips to use as name plates to label your belongings. 4. Decorate the non-sticky sides of each piece. 5. Lick and stick your stickers to envelops, notebooks, folders, etc. Or, use them as name plates + stick them to the inside cover of your favorite book to ensure it gets returned to you when borrowed by a friend.

10. I found this web site that makes mosaic out of recycled paper, and clothing and more. Artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold at Green Up Grader

Happy recycling!

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