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The average refrigerator is accountable for using the most  amount of electricity in the home according to the Consumer of Energy Center. Just by cleaning the coils  can save up to 30 percent of energy.

How often should the coils be cleaned?

The coils should be cleaned every three months, but if you have furry pets it should be cleaned more often.

Regular refrigerator maintenance includes vacuuming the condenser coils and to clean the dust and grim underneath  the refrigerator. A refrigerator coil brush is especially designed to clean the  coils. It is flexible enough to get into those tight areas.

Depending on the location of the coils if they can’t be reached by a vacuum or with the coil brush, this is when compressed air can come in handy.

The average price to have the coils cleaned by an appliance company is about $ 60 to $ 100 dollars depending on the location of the coils.

Refrigerators run more efficient when they are 3/4 to full of food.

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