Cleaning New Year Resolution!

Cleaning New Year Resolution!



Some people make New Year resolutions and some don’t. I’m a very goal orientated person. I think by starting the year off by being organized and by making a list of things that need to get done in your home will  relieve stress and improve your quality of life. I have come up with a starter list of things that I do, I hope most of you are doing them already.

  1. Consider putting some cheap vodka in a spray bottle. Watching the Super Bowl on February 5, 2012. Make sure the TV screen is nice and clean by using vodka.
  2. Getting unwanted mail, catalogs and phone books? Opt-out.
  3. Get involved with helping the planet by organizing a campaign with your community to work together with an organization such as Matter of Trust.
  4. Sanitize hair brushes, combs some toys, sponges, and tooth brushes in the dishwasher.
  5. Set up a schedule to maintain  and clean appliances such as irons and ovens on a regular bases. Don’t put it off cleaning that oven until the day before company is coming over.
  6. For those of us with a well, a regular maintenance schedule should be set up for cleaning the faucet screens and shower head. 
  7. Drains and garbage disposals should be cleaned out on a regular basis without chemicals.
  8. By adding some plants in your home, this not only adds color in improves your air quality. 
  9. Look in your cabinets and ask yourself do I really need all these cleaners?
  10. If you have children and spray cleaners in your cabinets beware.
  11. Vinegar can solve a lot of your issues.
  12. With the winter months here, it brings flu. Washing your hands with regular soap and water is better then antibacterial soaps.
Take baby steps to reach your goals to better your life in your home.
Happy New Year!









  1. Savira says:

    You got me on the vodka bit! Now that would be very interesting.. I can do two things at the same time!

  2. Great ideas, Cathy! I like the links too – very useful.

  3. David Smith says:

    These are some helpful tips with the vodka and dishwasher ideas being my favorite…Will be loading the dishwasher with hair brushes and dog toys very soon!! Thanks for sharing

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