Cleaning Dryer Vent

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Every day we use a lot of cleaning clothes. Our washer and dryer get a lot of use. This prompted me to clean out my dryer vent.

How often does a dryer vent need to be cleaned out depends on the usage. On average, it is recommended to be professionally cleaned yearly. We clean out ours, at least 3 to 4 times a year because we use ours often.

Why is it necessary to clean out the dryer vent? According to the National Fire Protection Agency, 15,000 fires are caused by clogged dryer vents.

How do you know when the dryer vent should be cleaned?

  • If it takes longer for the clothes to dry.
  • The clothes are hot to touch.
  • The room is warmer than usual.
  • Burning smell.
  • The dryer stops.
  • The lint flap isn’t opening.

We recommend a dryer vent cleaning kit.

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