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You can imagine we use a lot of cleaning cloths. It seems like we are ordering new cloths, all the time. This week is no exception we had to order more E-Cloth and Norwex Cloths.

What are the best cloths to use for each application?

We have seen scratches on appliances and furniture from using the wrong cloth. Cotton clothes can scratch surfaces.

We use a lot of microfiber cloths, for many areas.

How do you know which kind to use for what?

Each cloth has its own purpose. We use E-Cloth for bathrooms. They are water activated – removing over 99% of bacteria and mold, locking it away inside precision-engineered fibers, where it stays until they’re rinsed.

Because we are a certified Green Cleaning business we use either E cloth  or Norwex clothes. Both clothes are water activated and no cleaning sprays are needed. These are our favorites  because they are eco-friendly and do an outstanding job on glass, appliances, mirrors, shower doors, glass tables, crystal, granite countertops, jewelry, brushed and stainless steel, chrome, knickknacks, patio tables and shiny surfaces sparkling clean with only water. both of these products kills bacteria without the use of any cleaning products. The BIG plus is both kill germs and bacteria.

Washing instructions for E-Cloths, Norwex or Microfiber. Use very little detergent, no fabric detergent and no dryer sheets. Depending on the usage an E- Cloth is guaranteed for 3 years or up to 300 washes and a Norwex cloth is guaranteed for 2 years. I’ve had a Norwex cloth for about 7/10 years and its still working.

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