Look For a New Blog Soon

I understand that I haven’t been posting my weekly blogs.  It isn’t that I haven’t been engaged in my business.  Quite the contrary.  All I’ve been doing has been business centric.  With developing my first product, the hand sanitizer that is now live on my website and is ready for sale.  The sanitizer has been picked up at several local stores along the Connecticut Shoreline.  I am currently working on the next product which should go live by Mid September/Early October.  I’ve also been picking up new clients, so taking all these things under consideration, you can see why my blog has taken a temporary hibernation.
Look for a new post shortly.
Thanks for bearing with me during this busy summer.

Sea Green Natural: Charting The Course For The Main Land


If you have gone boating before, a good boater always has a charted course. Even if you are using a compass you need to take into consideration the deviation: Set and drift and the earths rotation. These factors can take you off your mark if you aren’t careful.

This weeks blog is about you the reader. We need your help to keep us on our charted course so we won’t become adrift .

The Blog:

We have been blogging for over a year now and we are thoroughly  enjoying, bringing you topics from our every day experiences. We have been  consulting with experts when need be  to help us bring to you solutions to household common problems.  

The blog has been coming out on a weekly bases. Question: Is that enough?

We have so many topics already planned to write about. Question: Are there topics that you would love to learn about?

At some point we may even ask to have Eco-friendly guests come in and blog.Question: Do you know any?


Our Natural Cleaner is still in the developmental stage. We’re working diligently with several companies to develop our signature scent and still hope to have the product out by the forth quarter of 2012. Our plan is to also have a book appear sometime soon. Here’s some questions for our readers:

What do you feel is more important? What do you feel is a priorty? What would you like to see first? The product or the book?


We had a meeting last week with a marketer to discused several opportunities for us to educate the whole world on becoming Green. One of the things that came up was teaching through the use of webinars. Would any of you be open to spending time watching and learning on how to become Green and to know and understand where chemicals in your home are coming from?

On Line Store On Web Site:

We are considering offering not only our products but products that are also Natural and Organic and alternative solution to chemicals. Question: Would this be something of interest to you?

We value your time as a reader/fan of Sea Green Natural. We would appreciate any comments or suggestions  you may have on these topics.

After all, we are all on the same Charted course and that is to improve your quality of life and to save the planet.


Versatile Award

I have received my first award by Wisdom and Life a couple of days ago on Tuesday, May 10.

There are a couple rules to receiving The Versatile Blogger Award. First, you have to thank the person who gave it to you by linking back to their post. Second, you have to tell seven things about yourself. Third, you have to, award 15 recently discovered blogs.

Here are seven things about me:

  1. Extremely loyal and honest
  2. I’m very passionate about  cleaning green.
  3. I have worked with a lab to develop my own Natural House Cleaning Products that aren’t only great for cleaning and for your health they are also safe for the environment. Sea Green Natural. Web site under construction. Check later for amazing products.
  4. I am creative as a business person. I think out of the box.
  5. I’m an optimist and a leader.
  6. I’m extremely devoted to giving back to society: Such as rising 5,000.00 dollars for cancer research and running a marathon on behalf of the research.
  7. I am very passionate about finding ways to save money and save our planet.
I hereby give this award to the following blogs I recently discovered.

First blog

Hi everyone,

The purpose of my blog is: I want to bring awareness to the general public that you can make some healthier choices to make your environment safer for you and your family. By making green choices, you aren’t just saving the planet and money you are creating a healthier place to live.

I want to give you creative ideas for using common household products and ways to reuse some items that you would normally throw away.

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In 1986, I started my cleaning business. I put one ad in the local newspaper and, within one day, I had received over twenty calls. I have always been passionate about using safe natural cleaning products and finding useful ways of creating a sustainable environment. I do my part by using natural cleaning products to clean my clients' homes. But don’t take my word for it. Read my testimonials and then give me a call at 203-710-3188.